Monday, May 30, 2011

D, I & E Tile Processing Mockup V2

Here is a revised version with controls to change variables so that everyone can have a bit of a play.

I have added the potential to set a minimum time that cells must be off before they can be turned on by neighbouring cells being on. This can be used to break the endless cycle and makes responses and interactions from simultaneous pressure sensor inputs at opposite sides of the board more legible. Unfortunately pressure sensor inputs can not be communicated to neighbouring cells that are serving a minimum time off (this is possible to code, but our physical communication setup can not differentiate the cause of neighbouring cells' lights being on). There is also then the potential to set a maximum time that cells can be off before they randomly turn themselves on.

I am not sure what the optimum arrangement is for our installation, and if it would be interesting or too unintelligible for each tile to have individual settings. So keep playing!

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