Friday, July 15, 2011

D, I & E Tile Processing Mockup V3

Is this the winning formula? Finally I have a balanced version that has multiple pressure input legible and allows emergent pattern. I have added a lock out that stops endless cycling after a reasonable time to see emergence (15 sec) if a low gate condition has been reached (lights on 3 times in that 15 sec). During a lock out period (10 sec) I imagine pressure input would result in a low buzz to indicate it was disabled.

I have kept the min off time to a minimum to maximise feedback from pressure input, and increased the flag delay and limited the max on time to ensure not all lights are on at the same time. Also I think mode 2, clockwise internal communication arrangement, is most coherent to use, because the communication between tiles is clockwise. Controls are still enabled - so keep playing!

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