Monday, November 15, 2010

Projection mapping Cameron Offices - cause to redefine the project

A few things to update. We have chosen a site - it is a complicated corner of Cameron Offices, which will test our skills in projection mapping.

Our site, the corner with the window just above the bus
Cobra's, the abandoned 1980s night club we discovered
Cobra's has a conveniently located window to project from
I could not find a good definition of projection mapping online to link to. The term essentially covers techniques to map a 2d projection to the features of the buildings and infrastructure, the surfaces, that are being projected on to - ie to account for fenestrations and perspective. We will be using David Bouchard's Keystone library for Processing which will allow us to quickly map on site.

Mitchell's demonstration of Keystone
Mitchell demonstrating Keystone
Given that we have now confirmed that we are projecting on a corner and around windows, as opposed to a flat surface, I have decided to leave behind the ideas of montage, which were conceived as singular images best understood if viewed in their entirety.

This leaves the generated cityscape of remixed geometry as the project focus, and within in that set of ideas the Nolli like plans of public space because they can grow organically in any direction seem best suited to fit around windows and other features. Perhaps the growth can avoid windows or begin from corners and edges. So this is the new direction, which, as shown below, is already working well with Keystone even in it's most initial prototypical form.
Generic City A2 with Keystone can seamlessly wrap around corners
Generic City Growth A2 with Keystone showing on screen distortion

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