Monday, November 15, 2010

FLW Prairie House Plan Generator

Here is my Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie House Plan Generator, based on Koning and Eizenberg's seminal 1981 paper 'The language of the prairie: Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie houses'.

Prairie House Plan Generator

This is a a test or proof of concept for how to code for shape grammar. I coded it with a series of nested if statements, which by the time I got to the third conditional become exceedingly complex and almost impossible to keep track of. There must be an easier way to structure this?

The rules are just the first couple from the Koning and Eizenberg paper, and are somewhat simplified. I gave up after that because I proved that I was going about this the wrong way.

Anyhow to explain the logic of the Prairie House plans, as I have simplified them:
1. Start with a fire place, it can be oriented N-S or E-W (black)
2. Site a living room, the fire place must be on a short side of the living room (white)
3. Add a a service zone to complete the core, it can be adjacent to the living area or on the other side of the fire place (grey)
4. Add extensions on both long sides of the core, they can be aligned in the middle or at either end (red and blue)

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