Sunday, December 4, 2011

NMA project update - debugging

All my focus seems to be on the technical side of things - getting it to work in the web world has been overwhelming to say the list.

The last couple of weeks I have been doing some series debugging. There are so many seemingly simple things that catch you! Here are some updates.

First to report. I prebuilt a list with each object type and a count in Processing. It made loading super fast! Great news. I am now able to handle easily the whole collection - at least at this zoomed out level and as a simple text list.

I still am sorting the list in the browser with JavaScript, although there is no need to do this dynamically so I could be saving more resources by presorting too.

A prebuilt list of object types

I also prebuilt lists of all the items of each object type, but I got totally stuck linking it up to the super list. I tried to embed the object type as a key in a mouseclick function so that the list of items would be loaded when the object type was clicked on. I realised, as before, that as the mouseclick event would not happen at the time of drawing, I would have to hardwire the key. This time however I couldn't get it to pass in the key as a string. Previously I was able to escape by using single and double quotation marks, but not this time. After much consternation it was an easy fix - visiting Mitchell. I needed to use backslash ' \' to denote that the character immediately after is real.

So great, now I was able to load a list of lists, and navigate to each... well almost..

Lists of item titles displayed for object types that have been clicked on

... not all the object types worked! It appeared to be those with spaces between multiple words.

Mitchell also showed me Firebug and how to write to the console - console.log(), which is neater than using JavaScript popup alerts to debug as I was earlier. The great thing about Firebug is that it is able to follow all the script, css etc from linked files and to show how it modifies the html.

So my initial though was that it couldn't load the json files that had spaces in the file names. This would make sense as I had previously learned that the web doesn't like spaces and often replaces that with % signs and other characters.

However  I was able to prove that I was loading the data by writing to the console the list length and each item's title. This was puzzling indeed.

Firebug console showing item titles for 'record covers' object type which dont display  on screen
So further investigations led me finally to discover that the id attribute can't contain spaces. This was my problem - I was using the object type to name the header div, so that I could call it later to append the list of items of that type.

The solution: I needed to find a way to parse the object type name and replace the space with a dash or underscore, which the id attribute would accept. (The id attribute is fussy - it wont allow the name to start with a number either).

Luckily I found a string.replace() function native to JavaScript. It took a bit of figuring out however. I couldnt get a standard regular expression like /s, which removes all whitespace, to work. I could however get my custom specified regex pattern enclosed by forward slashes to work,  ie literaly slash space slash, '/ /'. I then had to follow it with a 'g' to indicate global, which removes all the spaces not just the first as is the default otherwise.

So now I have to keep track of key and key2, because I still need the original with the space for display and to locate the file names. Anyway it works!

'head ornaments' and 'performance costumes' lists of item titles of that object type
However there were still a couple of object types that had parentheses in their name and so had the same problem with the id attribute. Writing a regex for parentheses was hard! Again I had to escape using the backslash, but I couldn't get it to work all in the one replace() function listing all characters in my regex pattern to replace at once as tutorials seemed to indicate was possible. I eventually through trial got it to work one character at a time with three subsequent replace() functions - one for the space, and one each for the opening and closing parentheses.

Once this was all working, I was also able to implement a few tidy ups.

I am now using the <span> tag rather than the <a> anchor tag, so that it doesn't refresh and lost my place on the page. With CSS cursor and hover properties I am still able to get the <span> to appear as a link.

I was also able to use the JQuery $.empty() to empty my container div that holds the list of items. This, coupled with a custom data-display = "on/off" attribute to act as a switch, means that clicking on an object type a second time hides the list of items rather drawing them twice. Neat.

Finally I plugged back in the images, put the item titles (truncated) in my place markers where there are no images, and linked them back to the NMA online catalogue. It is starting to come together, and look neat. Hooray!

'paintings' and 'bowls', items displayed with images if available else titles

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